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Thursday, March 25, is an AMI day because LSR7 staff members are receiving COVID-19 vaccines and working from home. For assistance, please contact the school on Friday, March 26.
For "Kindergarten Kick-off!" information and instructions, please visit our kindergarten registration page.

Letter From School Counselor, Mrs. Mahurin

Dear Parents,

We’ve reached another exciting school year, and as your Sunset Valley  school counselor, I am looking forward to working with your student(s) to make this year great!  While this year will look different than any other, we will all work together to make it special.

My goal is to assist students to learn the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners and productive citizens.  I emphasize communication, decision-making, interpersonal and career awareness skills through individual consultation, small groups, and classroom curriculum.  

The Lee’s Summit School Counseling Classroom Curriculum includes lessons on learning skills – to learn strategies to be a successful and productive student; personal or body safety – to learn simple, straightforward strategies to protect themselves from abusive situations; mental health first aid – promoting well-being, our 5th and 6th grade students will learn how to identify concerns about others and how to report to appropriate helpers; bully awareness – how to identify and deal with bully behaviors; conflict resolution – learn problem-solving methods; friendship skills – learn ways to make and maintain friendships; and career awareness – introducing children to a variety of career options. If you have questions regarding the counseling curriculum, please feel free to contact us.

Whether your child attends school in-person, virtually, or through R-7 Online Academy, I am here to support them and you.  For virtual and online academy students I will have a google form on their classroom Schoology page for referrals.  As always, you can reach out to me to refer your student as well.  Teachers may do the same.  All students no matter their learning format, will receive classroom lessons (see topics above) and the ability to visit with the counselor.  R-7 Online students may have a counselor from another Lee’s Summit school teaching their counseling lessons, but I will still support them with resources, individual meetings, and small groups.  

During this strange time, your family might experience needs they haven’t had before.  We are all in this together, and I am here to help support you in any way I can.   If your family needs assistance with community resources, please feel free to reach out or utilize our community resource guide.  Here are 3 resources (#1, #2, #3) for how to support your student(s) during this time.  

I’m available to meet individually with your child on expressed concerns.  Typically, the counseling is of short-term duration with a problem-solving focus.  


Jodi Mahurin