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Thursday, March 25, is an AMI day because LSR7 staff members are receiving COVID-19 vaccines and working from home. For assistance, please contact the school on Friday, March 26.
For "Kindergarten Kick-off!" information and instructions, please visit our kindergarten registration page.

School Reopening Plan

In a special session on August 25th, the Board of Education voted to implement the Health Department’s recommendation for grades 4-12. Grades 4-12 will begin school virtually on Sept. 8. When Jackson County is no longer considered in significant community spread, grades 4-12 will transition to a hybrid model. Public health criteria will be evaluated on a weekly basis to determine when it would be best for this transition to occur.

In consideration of the unique needs of our youngest students, medical research indicating younger children pose lower risks of transmission and the district’s ability to implement social distancing protocols and smaller average class sizes in elementary buildings with additional capacity, the Board voted to provide full-time, in-person learning for grades pre-K through 3.

The district has also previously secured approval from the Health Department to provide in-person services, as appropriate, to students of all grades in special programs (CLASS, Elementary and Secondary Life Skills Program, Elementary and Secondary Social Emotional Behavioral Program, Medically Fragile Program, Miller Park Center Programs), as well as in-person support to English Language Learners and some Career and Technical Education classes.