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Joining Your Student for Lunch? Please Read!

We are very excited to have our special guests come and have lunch with the kids at SVE! It is always great to see each of you and the kids LOVE IT!! Please make sure you have the correct lunch time when you come and visit. We’d be sad if you came to the wrong lunch shift! At SVE, due to liability and student safety concerns, we ask that guests not go on the playground for recess at the conclusion of lunch.  In addition, for the safety of our students we ask that you comply with the following safety protocols:

  1. Please have your driver’s license ready to check in with one of our secretaries.
  2. Please grab and wear a visitor badge and return it when you check out at the office.
  3. Please wait in the office until 5 minutes before your student’s scheduled lunchtime before heading down to the cafeteria.
  4. When you are done enjoying lunch with your student, please exit the cafeteria and proceed directly to the office to check out. Please use the main hallway only and do not stop by classrooms to visit with teachers as this is their lunch and plan time.

If you have relatives that will be coming to join your student for lunch, if you would please share the above safety procedures, we’d be very grateful.

Thank you!